Athletic Mouth Guards

One of the most forgotten pieces of protective gear during sporting activities is the athletic mouth guard.  In fact, in many of the 5 million plus oral sports traumas that occurs every year, many happen due to:

  • The athlete not using a mouth guard
  • A mouth guard that is poorly designed or crafted with inferior materials
  • An improperly fitted mouth guard

Considering the above, if you lead an athletic lifestyle it is vital to acquire a proper athletic guard.  Mercersburg Family Dentistry encourages athletes of all types to protect their teeth.  If you need an athletic guard, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacqueline Hughes.

How Athletic Guards Reduce Injuries

The majority of orofacial injuries result in dental trauma.  While extensive tooth and gum damage is part of the risk of dental trauma, there are more severe consequences.  For instance, dental traumas are frequently associated with concussions.  Athletic mouth guards (that are customized for the athlete) significantly reduce tooth damage, tooth loss, and impact severity.

Fit Matters  

The more exact the fit of an athletic guard the better protection it provides.  When teeth are not allowed to shift individually, they are more likely to stay in tact during impact.  At mercersburg Family Dentistry, we use state-of-the-art dental tech to acquire the exact measurement of your mouth.  Even the smallest details like individual tooth size and bite orientation form a part of our process to create your athletic guard.

World-class Construction

The material and construction of the mouth guard is also important for impact absorption and comfort.  Our athletics guards use quality materials that are proven to endure the rigors of sporting impacts.  A good guard absorbs the impact and distributes it throughout the mouth and jaw.  Hence, less of the shock is able to harm isolated spots within the mouth.  Additionally, hard shocks are vastly decreased lowering concussion chances.

Seeing a dentist for a customized mouth guard is one of the best ways to prevent dental sports injuries.  Mercersburg Family Dentisty helps athlete of all ages.