General and Family Dentistry

At Mercersburg Family Dentistry there is nothing “general” about our General Dentistry services.  In fact, Dr. Jacqueline Hughes brings a wealth of expertise to every dental diagnosis, treatment recommendation, procedure, and post-care instructions.  Our dental team’s approach centers on building strong dentist-patient relationships by providing you with:

  • Honest and clear dental recommendations that match your lifestyle and oral health goals
  • Highly advanced proven dental technologies that improve procedure outcomes
  • Pain-free dental methods and instruments to improve your comfort during treatment

Hence, even if you only require a general dental checkup or procedure, you can expect the care of a dental specialist!

All of our general dentistry services incorporate advancements where necessary while keeping balanced regarding what is most effective.  All new dental strategies and technologies do not always equate to better treatment.  In the same manner, old techniques that are effective may not be best for patient comfort. Dr. Jacqueline Hughes carefully analyzes what is best for your unique situation.  Below are a few insights on some of our practice’s general dental services.

Colored Fillings

Composite fillings are pain-free and available during a single office visit. Composite fillings restore and strengthen damaged teeth. In fact, in cases of chipping, decay or harsh staining, fillings prevent teeth loss.

Dental Cleanings

Our cleaning sessions specifically target the buildup of plaque, tartar, and agents that could lead to permanent stains. By removing these we stave off bacteria that colonize at the gum line and between teeth. At Mercersburg Family Dentistry, we take into account each patient’s sensitivity. We have the ability and equipment to clean teeth well while being gentle. You can expect comfortable treatment whenever you schedule a dental cleaning.


If you a dealing with excruciating tooth pain due to an impacted tooth, you may need to have the tooth extracted. In many cases wisdom teeth grow erupt in ways that are unaligned with other teeth. Such growths can lead to tooth crowding, gum inflammation, bleeding, and infections. Although you may be experiencing pain or discomfort, there is no reason to fear a tooth extraction. Dr. Jacqueline Hughes provides fast, painless dental extractions of various types.


Dental sealants are acrylics that adhere to teeth effectively providing a protective layer above the enamel. These acrylics brush on and bond to the tooth. Typically, molars receive sealants because they have deep pits that capture debris. In most situations, it is your molars that develop cavities first.  The deep pits of molars can be hard to clean (particularly for kids). Sealants protect these areas, thus prevents tooth decay.